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Download POFD Data

Using the links below, you may download the entire database of electronically submitted Forms 8871 and Forms 8872 as zipped text files. Please note that the downloadable text files only include information concerning electronic submissions.

Please select the file you wish to download from the list below:

Select this file for a full description and data-layout of the file of electronically submitted forms.

ZIP icon    Download data-layout file

Select this file for all electronically filed form data. This file is updated every Sunday at 1:00AM. It is a very large file and is suggested only for those users that have a highspeed Internet connection.

ZIP icon    Download form data file

...or, select one of these files divided alphabetically by Organization name. These files are also updated every Sunday at 1:00AM. They are suggested for those users that have a slower Internet connection.

ZIP icon    Organization names A-G
ZIP icon    Organization names H-M
ZIP icon    Organization names N-R
ZIP icon    Organization names S-Z